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Friday, December 18, 2009

Search for the hospital ship "Centaur"

At approximately 4.10am on Friday 14 May 1943, the hospital ship A.H.S. Centaur, ablaze with lights, was torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-177 south east of Cape Moreton. The Centaur was struck in an oil fuel tank on the port side behind No. 2 Hatch. Centaur caught fire, and sank within two or three minutes .

Of the 332 persons on board, only 64 survived. Of the 12 Army Nurses on board, Sister Ellen Savage was the only survivor.

Late on the evening of Saturday 12 December 2009, the search for the hospital "Centaur" started in earnest when renowned shipwreck hunter David Mearns and his team left Brisbane, Queensland on board the 72 metre search vessel "Seahorse Spirit".

After months of research, David Mearns and his team were finally on their way to solve the mystery of the resting place of "Centaur". $4 million have been provided by the Australian and Queensland governments to fund the search for the "Centaur".

For full details of the search visit this link.