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Monday, December 21, 2009

Book - "Never a Dull Moment" by Philip Dulhunty

Philip Dulhunty, OAM, has lived a life packed with adventure, narrow escapes from death and truly remarkable achievements in the realms of business, aviation and sailing. A self-taught engineer, his technical innovations and entrepreneurial drive have helped transform the face of the global electricity supply industry.

This autobiography traces Philip's story from his idyllic childhood at Port Macquarie through to his current role as a doyen of the power industry. Not only does it chart his highly successful career as a businessman, it also covers his Army service during World War II and the unforgettable period that he spent in atom bomb devastated Japan with the Allied Occupation Forces.

During World War II while bases in Sydney, Philip witnessed the Japanese flying boat flying across Sydney Harbour the night before the Japanese Midget submarines attacked the harbour. Many years later Philip helped to locate this Japanese flying boat which had been scuttled after it was damaged when landing beside the Japanese mother submarine off Sydney.

Philip was attached to the 16th Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery in Townsville at Mount St John. He later moved to Magnetic Island with this unit. After this he retrained at Bathurst camp for entry into Australian Infantry Intelligence.

In recent years, Philip was also involved in a project to purchase and refurbish a Catalina in Portugal and fly it back to Australia. For more information on this book.

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