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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Miracle of the Mountains


Bernard O'Reilly and the Stinson Crash

HTML clipboard"Miracle of the Mountains"
60th Commemoration Edition

An outstanding docu-drama which relives the true story of a humble Australian bushman who sets out to solve the mystery of the Stinson airliner... and succeeds.

Extended version - New footage added!

This is the awe inspiring true story of the resourcefulness, courage and endurance of Australian mountain man, Bernard O'Reilly.

Working on no more than a bushman's intuition, O'Reilly battled for days over miles of dense and seemingly impenetrable rainforest; across ranges so treacherous that a single slip meant certain death, through constant blinding rain to try and locate a downed Stinson airliner.

While the official search continued hundreds of miles to the South, Bernard O'Reilly relentlessly followed his hunch. After a 2 day battle with the elements, he not only miraculously located the crashed Stinson but physically assisted in carrying out the 2 survivors.

This heroic epic is told in graphic docu-drama style with re-enactments so "real" that people who were there in 1937 believed they were seeing film of the actual event.

This is a documentary that will stoke the first of imagination in the most jaded viewer. Acclaimed within Australia, it gives overseas viewers their first unique glimpse of the tough, resilient and courageous breed of men on whom the Australian bush legends are based.

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By the Seats of their Pants

(DVD Video)
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An enthralling flight with the men and women of Australia's aviation past and the spirit they share with the space pioneers of today.

When pilot Dick Scobee blasted off aboard the ill-fated Challenger Space Shuttle, he took with him a unique piece of Australia's aviation history: a rib from Bert Hinkler's glider.

As Dick's widow June recounts, this same piece was miraculously recovered floating in the ocean amongst the Challenger debris.

"By The Seats of their Pants" is a fascination look at Australia's aviators. From pioneers such as Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith, Charles Ulm, and Lores Bonney, through to the pilots of both World Wars and Vietnam, to the barnstorming antics of today's airmen and women.

Experience the thrills of cattle mustering by helicopter in Australia's wild outback, spectacular aerobatics in a rugged Pitt Special, the life-saving endeavours of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and low-level manoeuvers by crop-duster adventurers.

A breathtaking view of Spitfires, F18's, Boston Bombers, Zeros, Kittyhawks. Sopwith Camels, Iroquois Helicopters, Tiger Moths, Catalinas, the Challenger Space Shuttle and many more! This is a first hand account from the pilots who were, and still are, flying "by the seats of their pants".

HTML clipboardDirector: Peter Wiltshire
Editor: Bob Blasdall
Producer: John Schindler

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Story of the Krait - Tigers & Snakes


(DVD Video)

A gripping special of intrigue, heroism and tragedy. More powerful than fiction because it actually happened.

"Tigers and Snakes" is the story of Z Special Unit and it's men. It is the story of operation "JAYWICK" - a mission that should never have succeeded. It's also the story of a follow up mission that went tragically wrong.

Until now, little was known about the men of Z Special Unit. They were sworn to secrecy. The men of Z Special Unit would never speak of their experiences, not even to each other. "Tigers & Snakes" takes you on the two missions to experience the intrigue, danger and emotions of men at war.

Fourteen men and a tiny ex-Japanese fishing boat the "KRAIT" set out from Exmouth Gulf, to the islands south of Singapore. Reaching their destination, they transfer to canoes and armed with limpet mines proceed to destroy the forty thousand tons of Japanese shipping before returning through Japanese infested waters to Australia.

The second mission "RIMAU" took place almost exactly one year later and with many of the original men. Their objective, much the same as the first mission, enter Singapore Harbour and sink as much as you can. With their target in sight, something went horribly wrong - not one man survived. Why?

We talk to some of the survivors of Operation "JAYWICK" and find out why men volunteer for missions where violent death is an everyday experience.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Hangar 7 Open Day

Eagle Farm Aviation Society (EFAS) open day at Hangar 7 at Eagle Farm in Brisbane this Sunday 16 Aug 2009 at 1 - 3 pm.

Please spread the word.

Ph 07 3343 8407 if you would like to attend.

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