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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Airlines & Aircraft of the Ansett Group 1921 - 2002 by David Niven

Airlines & Aircraft of the
Ansett Group 1921 - 2002
by Fred Niven
Edition 7 (December 2009)

This data DVD covers the history and aircraft of:-

Ansett Airways, ANSETT-ANA, Ansett Airlines of Australia, Ansett. & Ansett Australia, including Victorian Air Coach Services, Ansett International & Cook Islands International, Engineering & computer systems; A.N.A./Tasmanian Aerial Services/Holyman's Airways & Airlines of Australia & all their many predecessors, including Adelaide Airways, Air Beef, New England Airways, North Queensland Airways, Rockhampton Aerial Services & Western/West Australian Airways; Adastra Airways (airline services); Aeropelican; Aircrafts Pty. Ltd. & Queensland Airlines; Airlines of Northern Australia & Ansett N.T.; Ansett Air Freight & Ansett Australia Cargo; Ansett Flying Boat Services, Barrier Reef Airways & Trans Oceanic Airways; Butler Air Transport, Airlines of N.S.W., Ansett Airlines of N.S.W., Air New South Wales, Air N.S.W., Ansett N.S.W. & Ansett Express; Connellan Airways/Survey & Inland Transport, Connair & Northern Airlines; East-West Airlines & Eastwest, including Wollongong & South Coast Aviation Service & South Coast Airways; Guinea Airways & Airlines of South Australia, including Air Gold & Holdens Air Transport Service & a major coverage of GAL’s New Guinea operations; Hazelton; Kendell; Lloyd Aviation (airline services); MacRobertson-Miller Aviation/MMA/Commercial Aviation Co./Air Beef, Airlines (W.A.), Airlines of Western Australia; & Ansett W.A.; Mandated Airlines Ltd. (M.A.L.)/W.R. Carpenter Air Service, ANSETT-M.A.L., Ansett Airlines of Papua New; Guinea, including Gibbes Sepik Airways, Island Airways, Madang Air Charter/Services & Papuan Airways; Pacific Aviation (airline services); Patair (Papuan Air Transport/Papuan Airlines) & Stol Commuter; Skywest & Trans West & their many predecessors (including Civil Flying Services (WA)/Stillwell; Jet Charter (WA), Murchison, Noeska, Nor’West Air Taxi, Pilbara, Southern & Wittenoom Air Charter; South Pacific Airlines of N.Z. (SPANZ) & Ansett New Zealand (including Newmans Air, Ansett Newmans, Tranzair; Ansett New Zealand Regional); Southern Airlines/Goulburn Valley Air Services; and Transcorp Airways

The DVD contains 160 files (approximately 5,700 pages - 1,700 more than in Edition 6), not including the 27 video presentations.

This Edition 7 version of the DVD includes:

  • Full details of each aircraft operated by any Ansett-related airline 1921-2002; including their previous & subsequent histories, updated to 23 November, 2009; indexed by both registration & airline.
  • Around 10,000 photos/charts/maps of Ansett-related aircraft & personalities, since 1921 (up from around 8,000 in Edition 6).
  • A detailed history for each airline, including its fleet, history, points served & logos.
  • 'Milestones' of Ansett Group airline-related aviation events; by airline & for the group.
  • Route-maps, timetable covers & lots of other memorabilia & some 'What might have beens'. The amount of memorabilia has increased very significantly in this edition.
  • Updated Flight Crew lists for all Ansett Group airlines 1921-2002.
  • Separate sections on A320s, BAe 146s, 727s, 737s, 747s, 767s, Convair CV-340/CV-440s, Fokker F.27s, F28s & 50s, DC-2s, DC-3s, DC-4s, DC-5s, DC-6 & DC-6Bs, DC-9s, Lockheed 188 Electras, Short S.25 Flying Boats & Vickers Viscounts.
  • Details of all known Ansett Group-related aircraft accidents/incidents.
  • Flight Attendant & other uniforms from the 1940s onwards.
  • A major increase in the contents of the In-Flight Service section.
  • A brand new section on model aircraft kits/decals available.
  • 27 great video & TV commercial presentations (compared with just 8 in Edition 6).

Click here for details to order your copy of this amazing DVD