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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mystery Crash at Chermside may be solved

Much mystery has surrounded the crash of an aircraft at Chermside on the north side of Brisbane during WWII. Initial information suggested that this was a P-40 Kittyhawk. So strong was the story that a street that runs beside the Kedron Wavell Services Club was named Kittyhawk Street to remember that fact that the P-40 had supposedly crashed in this vicinity.

Some detailed research by Rob and Beverley Isdale, Pat O'Shea and Glenys Bolland of the Chermside and District Historical Society has established the name of the pilot who was tragically killed. A newspaper report on their research indicated that 2nd Lt. Sol Stanley Schier of the 317th Repair Squadron, was the name of the pilot. It also indicated that the aircraft crashed near today's Ballantine Street, Chermside.

Ron Alviso confirmed the aircraft was a Thunderbolt rather than a Kittyhawk and indicated that it had clipped a latrine as it crashed. The plans of
Camp Chermside show two latrines near today's location of Ballantine Street, Chermside.

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