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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monomeith Park Airfield, Victoria

On 14 October 1942, a letter was sent to the Secretary Directorate of Works, Department of Interior regarding RAAF Station Monomeith Park, Victoria advising that "Requisition No. D.W.B. 38/42-43 for £100,000 for the construction of parent aerodrome, also dispersal facilities for the above RAAF Establishment, in accordance with plans and schedules to be supplied."

War Cabinet Minute No. 2342 to Agendum No. 354/42 approved of an authorised allotment of funds to the extent of £100,000, for the construction of an aerodrome at Monomeith Park, Victoria, chargeable to Division No. 189 - "Reciprocal Lend-Lease" Item No. 2 - "Expenditure on Joint Australian-US Account" and to Project No. U.S. 84 - "Dive Bomber Squadron, Monomeith Park, Victoria."