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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cities of the Underworld - History Channel

For those of you in Australia who have Foxtel or Austar or similar, there is a
special Australian session of "Cities of the Underworld" on the History Channel on Monday 9 March at 8:30pm titled "Alcatraz Down Under". There is an encore screening on Saturday 15 March at 6:30pm.

You need to check the times as I am not aware if they are Eastern Standard Time or Daylight Saving Time. Probably the latter.

In addition to covering a 19th century prison that once housed Sydney's most threatening criminals, Host Don Wildman heads underground with surviving witnesses to uncover the location of a secret WWII chemical weapons stash and gets access to a sordid subterranean fort in Sydney where soldiers en route to the battlefields of Vietnam were trained to resist torture.

Presenter Don Wildman filmed segments for the episode in early November 2008, providing an interesting diversion for Sunday morning shoppers in Glenbrook village before interviewing two former RAAF armourers at the old Glenbrook railway tunnel.

The History Channel’s small Los Angeles crew also filmed segments at Cockatoo Island, Middle Head and the Abercrombie Caves during their Australian visit.

"Cities of the Underworld" is always a very interesting show to watch at any time.

Please click on the link above to see a History Channel web page about "Cities of the Underworld - Alcatraz Down Under".